A New Generation of Farming

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All of our pigs are driven weekly less than a 25 minute drive to Balzac Meats. This is a Provincially Inspected Facility that we have been working with for nearly a year and have worked hard to built a strong relationship with. 



All of our products are produced at Sandyview farms in Spruce Grove, Alberta. Once our animals have went to the Abattoir and undergone inspection they are then transported to our butcher Sandyview Farms where all of our products are formulated. Having a strong relationship with a butcher is extremely important for a farmer and we are very proud to have partnered with Sandyview Farms. They create all of our sausage flavours, smoking, curing and even the cuts for the distribution of our products. 

Sandyview Farms also uses our products in their restaurant and all of their retail outlets. Click the image below to find out more about Sandyview Farms.