At Bear and the Flower Farm we work with a certified swine nutritionist. Our nutritionist has helped us to develop feed rations that allow us to finish our Bear and the Flower Farm outdoor pork in a timely manner, all while keeping, this process a natural plant-based formulation. We take our animals feed seriously and want them to have the best! 
We source our ingredients 100% from Alberta to create our proprietary feed blend so that Bear and the Flower Farm outdoor raised pork is a consistent, high quality product! 
We pride ourselves in feed that is:

• GMO free

• Antibiotic free

• Animal by-products free

• Hormone free 

Our feed is pelletized and we do this for the following reasons: Feeding pigs a pelleted diet improves feed efficiency and growth with 4%-8% compared to a mash diet. A pellet gives enhanced palatability, less feed waste and improved nutrient utilization, resulting in a more economical and environmental friendly production. 
To ensure optimal health and performance we use patented natural feed additives. A probiotic, which is a combination of naturally-occurring bacteria strains that work to stabilize the intestinal microflora. These beneficial bacteria compete with the bad bacteria in the gut to improve the overall health of the animal. We also include a very specific soluble fiber of plant origin which acts as a prebiotic. This prebiotic favours the beneficial bacteria in the gut which helps to improve the overall health of the pigs. 

Our feed contains:

• Barley

• Wheat

• Peas

• Linseed

• Lysine

• Flax (enriches our pork with Omega 3s)

• Limestone

• Salt

• Phosphate

• Calcium

• Vitamin A, D, E and Copper

• Patented probiotics and prebiotics 


We decided at Bear and the Flower Farm that it was time to kick it up into high gear in terms of our nutrition. 
We sent our pork into the laboratory for testing and found that not only is our pork naturally rich in Omega-3s and other nutrients, it has 3x the required amount for certification. Bear and the Flower pork now meets the qualifications for the Canadian Food Inspection Agency as a rich natural source of Omega-3s. 

Omega-3s are known for aiding in these areas of your overall health: 
• Mental Health

• Rheumatoid Arthritis

• Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia

• Brain Functioning

• Asthma


• Healthy Fetus Development

• Healthy Skin and Hair

• Healthy Fats in the Blood Stream 

Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. Every 100g of Bear and the Flower pork contains .9g of Omega-3s.