Bear and the Flower Farm free range pork is happy year round! In the winter the pigs live in a 11 acre paddock to keep them warm and healthy with Alberta’s up and down climate. To many people, they go ok…how big is that? To put it into perspective the winter paddock is just about 10 football fields’ big, lots of space. When you look into the winter paddock you cannot see all of the pigs without walking around. They find fun spots to play in mud wallows and root.

When summer arrives Bear and the Flower Farm naturally raised pigs go out to pasture where they are rotating on 10 acres parcels every 3 weeks and moved to the next section for health regrowth and sustainability. The pigs live 100% outdoors. They burrow in straw on cooler nights and also have huts that move around with them. Over the summer we plant lettuce in the winter paddock so they get a nice treat when they return back to the winter paddock in October.


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