Leading the Industry

Bear and the flower farm has been committed to leading the outdoor hog industry since we opened. By not only setting the highest standards for ethical treatment, nutrition, genetics, but now we have taken our pork one step further into the food safety side of farming. We have now become the first outdoor raised hog producer in the country to achieve Canadian Quality Assurance (CQA). 

Canadian Quality Assurance Is a globally recognized standard for pork quality, rearing techniques, traceability, and transportation. Up until now these standards have only been available to indoor raised pork producers. Bear and the Flower Farm has worked extremely closely with the Canadian Pork Council and Alberta Pork to define and set CQA standards for outdoor hog producers. We will be piloting this new program until January 2019 when this program will be officially rolled out to the rest of the country based on this current project. 
The CQA program for outdoor farms will help revolutionize the outdoor hog industry, allowing it to become border less not only in Canada but around the world. This is a big game changer not only for the producer but helping to make outdoor raised pork more readily available to a larger consumer base.