$3.85/ lb

**includes all cutting and wrapping in that price

 Please carefully read through the information below! 

 Price of $3.85 based on hanging weight per lb. They average weight of animals are approx 200lbs

(So for example a 200lb pig x $3.85/lb = $770.00)

This is a general idea below of what cuts you can get in a whole or half hog:


you can make this into a few things (hams that we can do whole, quartered, or cut in half) (cutlets) (leg roasts) (stir fry meat) (grind it for sausage)


you can get this in a few ways (chops bone in or out) (loin roasts) (tenderloin)(ribs)

basically two sections of this, the butt and the picnic (you can smoke them if you like or keep them fresh)


you can get bacon or fresh belly

*extras- hocks, trotters, ears, bones, skin, ground pork 

Some additional information:

  • Orders take 2 weeks to process

  • All orders will be completed over the phone with Jessica so not to worry if you need help! we will make sure you get what you want 😊

  • $100.00 deposit is required via-etransfer. Sausage is $5.95 per pack extra or on a whole pig the trim can be made into sausage and this would be $3/lb extra

  • The order can be paid by cash, cheque, e-transfer or credit card (3% extra)

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Custom Cutting & Wrapping