Meet the Farmers


We are Christopher and Jessica Fasoli the farmers behind Bear and the Flower Farm free range pork, we are passionate about our story and journey that we had creating Bear and the Flower Farm naturally raised pork.

In 2013 we sold out of cattle that Christopher’s family had been raising for over 30 years. After missing working with animals, in August 2015 we decided to put to use one of our quarter sections of land that previously had only been grazed by cattle! Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith and that’s just what we did. We both had left our full time jobs and decided to become outdoor free-range natural pig farmers. They couldn’t be that different from raising cattle?

 In 3 months we drilled a well, installed 5 swine automatic waterers, built over 11 acres of fence, constructed gates, shipping shoots, built a biosecurity change shack, installed electricity, a washer and dryer, moved a trailer for an office onto the land, built huts and automatic feeders, hauled in over 300 large round and large square bales of straw…just to name some of the work that went into building our pork farm in the beginning. As you can see from some of those examples it is a huge transition to bring a pig from ‘nose to concrete to nose to ground’.

If there is one thing to know about us as a couple and team we are driven and passionate about our farm and what we do. Hours and hours of construction and work have gone into creating Bear and the Flower Farm.

It’s all in the name

Probably the biggest question we get is how did you come up with the name Bear and the Flower Farm? EVERYONE ASKS and they will ask you too!

When we were originally thinking about naming our farm we wanted something unique and that people would remember. Something that would stick out! It’s kind of cheesy but ‘Bear’ and ‘Flower’ is nicknames that this husband and wife duo call each other, now can you guess who the Bear is and who is the Flower?